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Grand Oak TCM: Why is Immune System Important

Ever wondered why so much emphasis is placed on strengthening the immune system? Especially so during this period of pandemic, a strong immune system can really do wonders. So why do we have to keep our immune system strong?

What happens then when your immune system is weak, but you are not exactly sick? Sub Health condition is a very common state that we see in many individuals today. Be it because of stress, or poor eating habits, or a constant lack of sleep, these are just some common reasons that can lead you into the sub health state.

TCM places a huge emphasis on the body being an organic whole. When either the 气(qi), 血(blood), 阴(yin energy) or 阳(yang energy) becomes deficient, it can give rise to a sub health state.

In our next few videos, we will dive into understanding what are these deficiancies, what cause the different deficiencies, and what can happen to our bodies when we fall into those categories!

Until then... STAY TUNED!



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