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Grand Oak TCM: Yang Deficiency (Reason Why You Are Always Feeling Cold)

The theory of YIN and YANG is one of the most fundamental ideas in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Yin and Yang are complementary opposites. Yin represents darkness, cold, water, stillness, and rest. Yang represents light, warmth, fire, movement, and activity.

In order to be healthy, our bodies’ yin and yang must be in a constant state of balance. A deficiency of yang can lead to symptoms of cold and dampness: - Feeling cold most of the time - Cold hands and feet - Chest Tightness - Breathlessness - Sweating easily - Frequent urination or bed-wetting - Loose stools

Let our TCM Physician Gabriel Chan walk you through what are the causes and symptoms of Yang Deficiency, and some Health Tips to help eliminate Yang Deficiency in our body.



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