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Grand Oak TCM 狮城有约 生活小学堂:奥密克戎发病期食疗方

After being infected with Omicron, many patients have experienced some adverse reactions for a long time, such as asthma, cough, sore throat, poor appetite and other symptoms. Therefore, in this episode, , Dr. Gabriel Chan would like to share with you how to strengthen the lungs, spleen, and stomach. The Omicron virus attacks the lungs, spleen and stomach causing them to be weaker. Dr Gabriel has taken the opportunity to teach you how to supplement your body's nutritional needs.  Watch, learn and enjoy!

感染奥密克戒后,许多病患可能长时间出现一些不良反应,例如气喘,咳嗽喉咙痛,胃口差等症状。所以在《狮城有约》这一期的《生活小学堂》里,请来了来自平脉中医诊所的陈德详医师来为你带来分享怎么增强肺和脾胃。 由于患上冠病的患者,肺和脾胃都会受到影响因此会比较虚弱。所以陈医师在这借个机会教大家如何补充身体的营养所需。 除此之外,在患病期间不是每一种水果都可以吃。在此影集,陈医师也会给你科补哪一种水果是适合患病者或哪一种水果是应该尽量少吃的。 希望这一期的生活小学堂能够帮助到大家。



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